Muses of Authority

Band Members :
Aditya - Vocals / Guitars
Abhigya - Guitars / Vocals
Ashish - Bass

Vivek Lingkhim Rai - Drums
Vibhav Thapa - Keyboards / Programing

Muses of Authority is a Rock band from Siliguri (West Bengal), formed in 2012. The band started as a studio project by Vibhav and Aditya at Xiphoid Records. Their lyrical content is about being conscious and aware of simple things in our daily lives that we tend to overlook. Musically from different styles and elements of Jazz, Fusion, Folk and Post Rock the band has discovered and developed their own sound which can be loosely categorized as ‘Fusion Rock’.

Single Track List :

1. Aira  Stream 
2. Wake Up  Video 
3. Would You Believe  Stream 

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