Band Members :
Rakshit - Drums / Songwriting
Sashank - Bass / Songwriting / Production
Syed - Vocals / Songwriting

Piss is a Filthcore Punk Rock / Crust Sludge band from Bangalore, formed in November 2014 by Rakshit and Sashank.

Album 'Shit IceCream' 2014 Track List :

1. Assface Abiram
2. Your God Fucked Up And You're The Proof
3. Your Idea Is Stupid So Keep It To Yourself
4. Wipe Your Asses With Your Environment Studies Book
5. Handjobman
6. Cum Falafel
7. Lobotomy Helmets For Metalcore Fags
8. I Poured Acid Into Your Chinese Take-out
9. Murder Footage On The Daily Soap
10. 1 Girl 20 Cups
11. Harpic In Your Protein Shake
12. Your Father Should've Wasted You In The Toilet
13. Your Mom Should've Swallowed You
14. Your Kid Goes To A Clown School
15. Cerebral Cesarean
16. Your Dad Was A Cop.......R.I.P.
17. Now You Suck Dick
18. Cosmetic Cow
19. Celipussy
20. Your Girlfriend Sucked On Your Tit Bits

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