Rise of The Eastern Blood

Rise of The Eastern Blood is a compilation released by 'Demonstealer Records' in 2007, consists of bands from three different countries, Demonic Resurrection from India, Dusk from Pakistan and Severe Dementia from Bangladesh along with 2 bonus tracks from Singapore based Hemlskey. That makes ‘Rise of The Eastern Blood’ sixteen tracks of non stop metal mayhem. The compilation spans various genres as Demonic Resurrection’s brand of demonic metal which merges power/death and black metal. Severe Dementia plays brutal death metal with a heavy dose of technicality and also experimental passages in their music molding all their influences. Dark, brooding and sinister is the best way to describe the doom/death genre that Dusk plays. And finally, Helmskey with their melodic black metal style of music.

Track List:

Demonic Resurrection : Beyond The Darkness
1. Journey To Solaris
2. Celestial Disharmony
3. And The Dream Will Cease To Exist

4. Beyond The Darkness

5. The Fallen Stars

Severe Dementia : Epitaph Of Plassey
6. Entombment of The Traitor
7. Credence of Fort William
8. The Bengal Regiment
9. Howls Of Mushidabad
10. Strangled by Treason And Forgery

Dusk : Dead Heart Dawning
11. When The Mirror Speaks
12. Dreaming Gotishya

13. Sorrows Of The Flesh

14. Dead Heart Dawning

Bonus Tracks :
Helmskey : Black Disharmonium
15. Black Disharmonium  YouTube 
16. To Rise And Fall Again

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