Think Again - Gospel Compilation

"Think Again" is India's first ever online Gospel Compilation released by 'Green Ozone Media' started by Brian D’Souza. It contains so many different genres of music ranging from pop, rock, reggae to funk, metal & Indian fusion. Truly an album of choice, 14 Talented Artists from across the nation that come together and showcase their creative music for God & his people on this album. The album is titled “THINK AGAIN”, which describes the scene best…Think Again before you give into descend the stairway of life to give in to temptation. If you look closer what appears to be an apple is a tomato... hence, looks are deceptive , We are free to choose our own destiny, it’s up to us to make the choice but we got to allow Him to be our guide. The main reason for this compilation is to help Talented Gospel artist’s in this nation get their music out to God’s People. Gospel finally moving into the mainstream and giving these artist’s their much - deserved exposure for their creative efforts.

Track List:

1. Powerfaith (Nagaland) - In His Love
2. The Salvation Crusade (Pune) - Miracle By Faith
3. Cherubim (Mumbai) - Breathe
4. Intense (Pune) - New Creation
5. Sunil Noronha (Bangalore) - The Music Talks  Mp3
6. Whitenoiz (Bangalore) - Deliver Us From Evil
7. Denied Thrice (Mumbai) - Return To Reality
8. Joshua Generation (Mumbai) - Warning
9. Naveen J.Anthraper (Kerala) - Your Tenderness
10. Alum (Mumbai) - A Time For The Light
11. Benny Prasad (Bangalore) - Shout To The Lord
12. Blank Dice (Mumbai) - God Is Good
13. Kilang Pongen (Nagaland) - River of Life
14. By Grace (Mumbai) - Kairos Song
15. Powerfaith (Nagaland) - A Different Kid
16. Kilang Pongen (Nagaland) - Heaven's Celebration

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