Short Round

Band Members :
Jishnu Guha - Vocals / Guitars / Harmonica
Adil Kurwa - Bass / Vocals
Maalavika Manoj - Backing Vocals
Aditya Ashok - Drums / Vocals
Rohan Rajadhyaksha - Keyboards / Vocals

Short Round is a Folk Rock project from Mumbai, started somewhere in 2010 by singer song-writer Jishnu Guha. Extensively traveled and musically attuned from a young age, Jishnu found his heart set on a lyrical folk-rock genre.

EP 'Desperate Times' 2016 Track List :

1. Ex  Live YouTube 
2. Rainclouds  YouTube 
3. Three Minute Record  Live YouTube 
4. Lies & Promises  YouTube 
5. Golden  Live YouTube 

EP 'With Friends Like These' 2017 Track List :

1. Intovert  YouTube 
2. Losing Day ft.Siddharth Basrur  Live YouTube 
3. Nowhere To Go ft.Saurabh Roy  Video Live YouTube 
4. Autumn ft.Rahul Pais & Mali  Live YouTube 
5. Get It Into Your Head ft.Anna Holmquist  YouTube 
6. Ghosts of Your Stories ft.Fat Yellow Moon  Live YouTube 
7. Outrovert  Live YouTube 

Album 'Favourite Strangers' 2019 Track List :

1. Mothers
2. I Want You To Know
3. Down To The Next One
4. Up & Down  Video 
5. Rambling Fool
6. Ms. Industry of Cool
7. Mothers (Reprise)
8. Providence
9. Time ft.Bradley Tellis

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