The Mallroad Project

Band Members :
Shankar Sharma - Vocals / Guitars
Mahavir Rawat - Guitars / Vocals
Praveer Singh - Bass / Vocals
Akhil Thakur - Drums / Percussion / Vocals

The Mallroad Project is an Indie-Rock band from Delhi, formed in 2010 as 'Matchstyx' and later changed its name to 'The Mallroad Project' in 2015. They write original compositions on various socio-political themes of the modern India along with experiences from their personal lives. The aim is to create and spread a positive vibe in the world through music. Their music is poetry driven, indulgent and almost reckless at times which very closely represents the artists who form this band.

EP 'Naazni' 2017 Track List :

1. Naazni  YouTube 
2. Nasha  Video 
3. Dil Kyun Khamosh Hai  Video 
4. Tu Kahan  Video 

EP 'Behti Hawa' 2018 Track List :

1. Tere Khayalon Mein
2. Behti Hawa
3. Saansein  Video 

Single Track List :

1. 4 AM Waltz  Stream YouTube 
2. Patang  YouTube 
3. Akeli Chandni
4. Jo Bhi Hai  YouTube 
5. Pareshaan  Video  
6. Dehshatgard - Kyun Banta Hai?  YouTube  
6. Who is The Real Pappu?  YouTube  
7. Thurky Boss  Mp3 Video 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks
Other Link :   Link 1  Link 2

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