Avora Records

Band Members :
Stephen Hnamte - Vocals
Ruata Renthlei - Guitars
Khos Hmar - Guitars
CK - Bass
Sanga Ralte - Drums

Avora Records is an Indie-Rock band from Aizawl, formed in 2013.

Single Track List :

1. We Happy Few  YouTube 
2. Sing
3. Sunday  Mp3 Video 
4. Sides  Live YouTube 
5. 23:00  Mp3 Video 
6. All This Could Be Yours  YouTube 
7. Anna's Anthem  Live YouTube 
8. If You're Not Sweating To This Then Honey You're Not 90's  Video 
9. Artificial Sweetness  Live 
10. December Night
11. Waltz of The Foolish Youth  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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