Vernon Noronha

Vernon Noronha is a a Singer / Songwriter based in Mumbai. He started songwriting in 2010 and gradually went on to play at bigger platforms besides his otherwise intimate performances in different parts of the country. His music can be narrowed down to Surf / Folk / Easy Listening.

EP 'Closer To Home' 2016 Track List :

1. Come Back Jack  Video 
2. I Have Time  YouTube 
3. Sunrise With Candlelights  YouTube 
4. Lunch Box  YouTube 
5. As The Ship Sails  YouTube 

Live@BlueFrog 'Life On Stage' 2015 Track List :

1. Pianoman
2. I Started A Joke
3. Wicked Man
4. Violet

Single Track List :

1. Love So Strong
2. Light My Fire
3. Man Gaves Name & Remedy
4. Heartless Heart
5. Chasing All Over Again
6. You Come And Go
7. Dream Sandwich ft.Raghav Meattle  Mp3 YouTube 
8. Scent of The Sea
9. We Go Breakfast
10. Dark Red Lines  YouTube 

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