Abhinab Dan Project

Band Members :
Abhinab Dan - Vocals / Guitars / Sonwriter
Hitesh Kumar - Guitars / Percussion / Vocals
Nabhoneil Samajdar - Guitars
Deep Gaur - Bass
Shiva Shankar - Drums / Keyboards

Abhinab Dan Project is a Pop-Rock Band from Mumbai formed by the Delhi based Singer-songwriter and guitarist Abhinab Dan. Though songs are written by one man but the sound of the band is defined by the different influences of every band member.

Single Track List :

1. Peekaboo
2. Selfie Song
3. Yun Hi
4. Tum Miloge
5. Friend From India
6. Khirdki
7. Tasveerien
8. Bachpan  Video 
9. Koshish
10. Kinarey  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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