Dark Project

Band Members :
Sudipto Biswas – Vocals / Guitars
Shounak Roy – Guitars

Sauvik Biswas - Guitars / Sequencing and Sampling
Sricharan - Bass
Shawn Jacob - Drums

Arpit Behra - Violin

Dark Project is an Alternative Rock band from Kolkata, formed in 2003. Dark Project operates as an Independent act and self produces all of their musical ventures. The Indian music industry is more commercial oriented and has limited space for experimentation. The band tries to break apart from that with their belief about freedom in the music that they make. With the movies industry in India dictating terms for the music industry and the band making music in English, Dark Project is confident to have a global acceptance given the high interest their music has generated from Europe.

EP 'Dark Project' 2005 Track list :

1. The Prologue
2. Drenched
3. My Last Crime
4. Reconstruct (Fade Away With Time)
5. Walking Again
6. Walking Again (Reprise)
7. The Epilogue

Album 'Chaos Sessions' 2007 Track list :

1. Cover Up
2. Mother
3. Drenched 2.0
4. 50 ml
5. Caterpillar
6. Butterfly
7. Strange Liberation
8. Prelude To The End
9. Tomorrow

Album 'Liberty & Entropy' 2009 Track list :

Chapter One: Anticipation
1. Everything That Begins  YouTube  
2. Streak Of Coldness  YouTube 
3. Silent Lover  YouTube 
4. Second Chance  YouTube 
5. Fly  YouTube 
6. Bent  YouTube 

Chapter Two: Serendipity
1. Ignorance  YouTube 
2. One Song For Dystopia  YouTube 
3. Paralipomena  YouTube 
4. Covah  YouTube 
5. Liberty For Entropy  YouTube  

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EP 'Magic / Tale of The Liars' 2011 Track List :

1. Magic  YouTube  
2. Tale of The Liars  YouTube 

Album 'Long Way From Home' 2014 Track List :

1. Salvation
2. Tale of The Liars
3. A Long Way From Home
4. Duality  Video YouTube
5. Magic
6. Ego
7. Hummingbird
8. Shadows

Single Track List :
1. Alone

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