Band Members :
Tali Longkumer - Vocals
Anga - Guitars
Lezo Suokhrie - Bass
Kenny - Drums

Eximious is a Rock band from Kohima, Nagaland, formed in 2006. Three loafers and a Govt. contractor came together tuned up the decibels that echoed the hills of Nagaland with their New Age / Progressive sounds and gave birth to EXIMIOUS. There was no turning back for the quad core rockers with their originals setting new threshold levels at live shows opening for Los Angels (USA) in 2009 to a wining streak at Hornbill National Rock Contest - Nagaland 2008 walking away with the Best Drummer, Best Guitarist and Best Bassist! Having won several competitions in the North East, Eximious has now decided to focus on original material, and play outside the North East. The band represented Nagaland at "The Hand Shake Concert" in Mumbai, on World Music Day.

Single Track List :

1. Don't Care
2. Small  Hands
3. Come To Me
4. Bleed
5. Freedom  Video 

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