Extinct Reflections

Band Members :
Prasad Bhat - Vocals
Sandesh - Guitars
Narayan - Bass
Kishan Balaji - Drums
Jason - Keyboards

Extinct Reflections is a Thrash Metal band from Bangalore, formed in April 2003. They have grown to be one of the fore runners of the heavy metal scene in India. They have a unique blend of aggression interwoven with melody. Having been tagged a melodic death/thrash unit means little to the band, who look at absolutely no boundaries while composing their music. The fact that all the members of the band play other music as well only helps make Extinct Reflections’s music more their own.

Singles Track List :

1. Recognize Analyse  Video 
2. Answered My Prayers  Mp3
3. Depth of Hared  Mp3
4. Swallowed Into Silence
5. Mercury Shattered
6. Face of Darkness
7. In Praise of Your Shadows
8. Babel Fish  Live

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