Band Members :
Kaushal LS - Vocals
Ravi Nidamarthy - Guitars
Abbas Razvi - Bass
Aniketh Yadav - Drums

Godless is a Death / Thrash Metal band from Hyderabad, formed in early 2015. The band plays cutting-edge metal with much power and potential.

EP 'Centuries of Decadence' 2016 Track List :

1. Infest ft.Sean O'Kane Connolly  Live YouTube 
2. Ossuary ft.Joe Haley  Live YouTube
3. Replicant  Live 
4. Oneiros  Video Live

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EP 'Swarm' 2018 Track List :

1. Exordium
2. Infected By The Black  Video
3. From Beyond  YouTube
4. Deathcult
5. Empty Graves ft.Tom 'Fountainhead' Geldschlager)  Live

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