Simla Beat 70 & 71


Simla Beat 70/71 is a compilation of East Indian garage bands originally released as a promotional item by an Indian tobacco company. In the late '60s / early '70s the Indian cigarette company, Simla, held (or purported to hold) a series of rock'n'roll talent contests, and from these came the albums that are reissued in this 2-CD set. The reissue seems to be pretty much a straight reissue of both albums, with the album art and the original (highly amusing) liner notes reproduced within.


CD 1 Track List : 

1. Confusions – Voice From The Inner Soul  YouTube 
2. Dinosaurs – You Can’t Beat It  YouTube 
3. X’Lents – Psychedelia  YouTube 
4. Innerlite – Zorba’s Dance  YouTube 
5. Genuine Spares – Proper Stranger  YouTube 
6. Genuine Spares – What’s Going On  YouTube 
7. Dinosaurs – Sinister Purpose  YouTube
8. Great Bear – Mist  YouTube 
9. X’Lents – Born On The Bayou  YouTube 
10. Innerlite – Baby Baby Please  YouTube 

CD 2 Tracklist :

1. The Fentones – Simla Beat Theme  YouTube 
2. Nomads – Nothing Is The Same  YouTube 
3. Hipnotic Eye – Killing Floor  YouTube 
4. Mini Beats – Hey Gipsy Girl  YouTube 
5. Velvette Fogg – I Am So Glad  YouTube 
6. The Black Beats – The Mod Trade  YouTube 
7. The Eruptions – I Am Gonna Erupt  YouTube 
8. The Fentones – Until The Dawn  YouTube 
9. Brood of Vampires – Psychedelic Web  YouTube 
10. The Eruptions – You Can’t Judge A Book  YouTube 
11. Hipnotic Eye – Aimless Lady  YouTube 

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  1. oh my fuck, some of this is absolutely, almost, fucking great ..the monkey dances and his shadow drops the stick... some of this induces the cringe reflex though and feelings of shame and embarrassment drop by for a visit ....but ..they all got that way down underground sound