Band Members :
Kranti - Vocals
Ajay - Guitars
Charan - Guitars
Mark - Bass
Bhavishya - Drums

Mephistopheles is a Death / Thrash Metal band from Visakhapatnam, formed in 2007. They started jamming and playing covers mostly and within no time moved on to creating our own music. The band believes in creating original, raw, energetic music. As far as the lyrics are concerned a friend of ours called "Ranjan" came forward for being the lyricst and that’s how things started. The band never compromises in its music & will go on Shredding, Screaming, grilling for their mettle! Our lyrics are not confined to any one subject and may be interpreted in many different ways. Mephistopheles aims to be a major factor in the Metal landscape for years to come.

EP 'Word of Mephi' 2009 Track List :

1. Revenge
2. Immortal Morality
3. Satans Doom
4. World of Mephi

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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