Band Members :
Arjun 'Chiq' Dhanraj - Vocals / Guitars
Daniel Kenneth Rego - Guitars
Ishaan 'loy' Krishna - Bass / Backing Vocals
Ananth - Keyboards
Ritesh 'Papa' Daharmaraj - Drums

NerveRek is a Progressive Rock band from from Mumbai, formed in August 2003 by Arjun Dhanraj. They started out as a 'three piece thrash band' in the hot city of Chennai. Distortion, clean melodies, body shaking grooves, heavy rhythm section, stage energy and constant line up changes are some of the recent elements associated with NerveRek and its music. Years of song writing, competing, performing, winning, losing, jamming, un-jamming, recording and other such activities have brought about a history of events that defines the band in its own way to each listener. Slowly the music evolved into a more progressive and melodic genre and the members were also updated.

EP 'Forever Endeavor' 2008 Track List :

1. Sky Mystify Me
2. Judged!
3. Dreams And The Ocean
4. Flesh For Food

Single Track List :

1. Hate Undone  Mp3
2. Ju-On  Mp3

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
Other Link :   Link 1  Link 2

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