Paganic Souls

Band Members :
Lord Maut (aka Ashish Rawat) - Guitars / Bass / Vocals
Live/Session Musicians :
Rahul S. - Guitars
Johson - Drums

Paganic Souls is a one-man Black Metal band from New Delhi, formed in 2007. Paganic souls is (usually) a one-man black metal act from india. In a search for what black metal would become it became necessary to find out what it meant, and that leads us to a category of black metal bands who are "the conceptualizers," most notably, Burzum, dimmu, sterbend, urfaust, wigrid, Darkthrone and Immortal. This work is simply enduring as both music and ideological impact of emotion and action. To create this world into darkness to build the dark atmosphere this is the best genre or wish is to spread this genre to all living being.

EP 'Pre-Suicidal Journey' 2007 Track List :

1. Mirror of Death
2. Suicidal Wish
 3. Die I'll Try  YouTube 
4. Paganism 
5. Cold Sunset

 Demo 'Dark Side of This World (Episode 1)' 2008 Track List :

1. Intro
 2. Sad
 3. Forsaking
 4. Percept
 5. Serfage
 6. Shrift
 7. Tremulant
 8. Weeping Evil

 Demo 'I Freezed My Blood' 2008 Track List :

 1. I Freezed My Blood
 2. Cursed Mirrors

  Demo 'Nebulosity Coming' 2008 Track List :

1. Nebulosity Coming
2. Solo-Flight
3. MiddHell
4. DeadHellene
5. DarkStroke
6. Flowing Tears I
7. Flowing Tears II
8. Flowing Tears III

  Demo 'SleepWalker's Journey' 2008 Track List :

1. Marching Galaxy
2. Snow With Sand
3. SleepWalker's Journey

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