Band Members :
Sohail - Vocals
Akshay - Guitars
Rayan - Bass
Anand - Drumz

Skincold is an Experimental Nu-Metal band from Mumbai, that has ripped down barriers and skillfully re-arranged song conformity with their experimental / nu-metal music. The atmosphere at a Skincold gig is charged with electric power feeding off primal screams, from a mosh pit of fans loving every ear splitting second of a unique barrage of head on blasts accompanied by neatly etched undertones of electrical melody. The raging metal elements buried in a mix of ambient somber toned vocals is like breathing relief instead of oxygen in respect to the commonly followed genres by the usual corporate mass. Skincold's funky bass lines that intertwine with its fresh drumming patterns are anything but a subtle enhancement to the bands overall strength. After accomplishing winning positions in an array of music competitions, today they stand out as one of the most refreshing experimental metal bands out there.

EP 'Artificial Existence' 2006 Track List

1. Low Down  YouTube
2. Braindead  YouTube
3. 4/20  YouTube
4. Take Me Away

Single Track List :

1. Nebula Sings

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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