Band Members :
Scenic Gopi - Vocals
 Ravi Nidamarthy - Guitars
Joel K - Guitars
Abbas Razvi - Bass
Suzuki Naidu - Drums

Skrypt is a Progressive Thrash / Death Metal band from Hyderabad, formed in 2007. The band has a unique blend of Groovy thrash metal mixed with some progressive patterns and melodies. The variety in tastes of the band brings out the uniqueness. Right from the start the band has been gigging hard playing pub gigs, competing and winning many competitions such as Youthopia, Campus Rock Idols Hyderabad and runners up at IIIT Hyderabad and Yamaha Roxx. They are signed to the US based label 'Dark Harvest Record'.

EP 'Discord' 2010 Track List :

1. Artifice  YouTube 
2. Anathema
3. Supremacy
4. Constructing The Absolute

Single Track List :

1. Chronic Acceleration
2. Patient Spider
3. Scarred
4. Oceans Alive

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks
Other Link :   Link 1  Link 2

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