Band Members :
Siddarth Abraham - Vocals / Acoustic Guitars
Sylvester Pradeep - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Samson Philip - Bass / Backing Vocals
Joel Rozario - Drums / Percussions / Backing Vocals

Solder is an Alternative Rock band from Bangalore, formed in the summer of 2008. Solder slowly created a sound space underlined by groove and layered with vocal melodies and harmonies, accompanied by screaming guitar licks and reverb laden drum sounds. With a line-up at equilibrium and a defined sound, the gigs started coming and with it Solder developed a reputation of being electric, energetic and fun on stage. The Solder show is like one big party, completely informal, with the feel good vibe, bringing the house down with funk, soul, rock and twenty-something energy. And with this passion for music and their ability to connect with their audiences, Solder started winning over fans at every gig they’ve played, and made audiences feel the vibe that they call 'Live and Loud'!

Single Track List :

1. Irish Coffee  Mp3  
2. All By Myself  Mp3 Live 
3. Walk Away  Mp3  
4. Passerby  Live  
5. Bring Back The Rain
6. Stay With Me  Live  
7. Save The World  Live YouTube 
8. Questions  Live 

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