The Mavyns

Band Members :
Vivek Nair - Guitar / Keys / Vocals
Pradeep Mathews - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Varoon Nair - Bass / Blues Harp / Vocals
Kristofor Paul Mendonca - Drums / Vocals

The Mavyns is a Rock band from Mumbai, formed in 2008. Like all good band stories, this one started not too long ago, when the band got together and seriously listened to the beginning of Martin Luther King’s “I Have A Dream” speech. They quit their jobs and said goodbye to their mummies, heading on an adventure to the incubator of melody – GOA. A good month of recording in a 150 year old Portuguese bungalow and another few months of playing the local Goan pubs got the Mavyns kick started on their musical journey to rockstardom. Cut back to Bombay where the Mavyns began playing the scene and sooner than you know it, completed a 4 city tour with the Supersonics playing 3 different HRC’s, released an album and got voted as most promising indie act of the year by indiecision.com.

Album 'Lick The Blue Frog' 2010 Track List :

1. Greener Than The Sea  Mp3
2. Indecent Clarabella  Mp3
3. Hard To Believe  Mp3 Live
4. My Sound  Mp3
5. Freedom Slinger  Mp3
6. Downtown Baby  Mp3
7. Happy Song  Mp3
8. Bedtime Stories  Mp3
9. Glassy Stare  Mp3
10. You're Only Right  Mp3
11. Freedom Slinger (Bonus Track)

Album 'From The Tree of No Ledge' 2012 Track List :

1. Bad Milk
2. Little Woman  Live  
3. Star Seeds  Live  
4. Vagabond
5. Under The Streetlight
6. Soul Friend
7. Golden Science
8. The Dawn Is Here
9. Echoes
10. Greener Than The Sea
11. No Shoes
12. Here She Comes
13. Some Side of The Story

Single Track List : 

1. So You Think You Got A Life
2. City Slick Love Blues
3. Try
4. 7 Up
5. Season of The Witch

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