Alms For Shanti

Band Members :
Jayesh Gandhi - Guitars / Keyboards / Programming  
Uday Benegal - Vocals / Keyboards / Guitars / Lyrics / Programming

Alms For Shanti is an Indo-Rock 'n' Funk band basically from Mumbai, formed in 1999, who moved to New York in 2000. Alms For Shanti was born when Jayesh Gandhi and Uday Benegal decided to move on from their extended stints as the guitar player and singer, of the legendary Indian rock band 'Indus Creed' or 'Rock Machine'. It's a project of the Indian sound in conjunction with contemporary styles and was created to take the sound further, as far as it goes, amalgamating traditional Indian melodies, textures and rhythms with western sounds and applications, a culmination of sorts of our collaborations with some of India's finest classical musicians over the past few years. This band is a deeper exploration of our experiences melding eastern and western philosophies and ideas through music.

Album 'Kashmakash' 2004 Track List :

1. Kashmakash  Video YouTube
2. Aum Namah Shivay
3. Superbol
4. Jawaab Do
5. Nag Ghum
6. Jiya Jaaye  Video  
7. Pahadi
8. Sang Dil
9. Jahaan Milta Ho Jahaan
10. Un Jawaabon Ko Dhoondo  YouTube

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Album 'Alms For Shanti' 2007 Track List :

1. Varanasi Trail  Video
2. I Wish I Was A Whale
3. Everlife
4. Superbowl  Video YouTube
5. Realms
6. Satellite
7. Alms
8. In God We Trust
9. Pahadi
10. Satya

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