Band Members :
Akshay Deodhar - Vocals / Guitars
Anis Gandhi - Keyboards / Vocals
Michael Lee - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Bass - Wilson Kenneth
Drums - Saahil Shah

Spook is a Pop-Rock / Alternative band from Mumbai. Spook is a band that’s a manifestation of pure, unbridled, raw energy. Their debut EP 'Underwaterseabird' was launched on 14th October 2010 at Zenzi Mills, Mumbai. The EP comprises of 5 tracks which easily fits into the Alternative genre and was produced by Anurag Shankar from 'Meteorik Productions'.

EP 'Underwaterseabird' 2010 Track List :

1. The Way  Mp3 
2. 3 Screwdrivers And A White Bikini

3. Now Imagine  Mp3  
4. Winter Rain
5. Funky Monkey

Album 'Lyrical Clinic' 2013 Track List :

1. Blessed  Mp3 
2. I’ll Decide
3. Crayons
4. Truth ft.Anurag Shankar
5. Musings
6. Morning Coffee ft.Malini Hariharan
7. Stop Start
8. Vice
9. Tainted Soul

Download The Album

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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