Conflicting Theories

Band Members :
Ben Vargas - Vocals
Jimmy Palkhivala - Guitars
Vikram Bhat - Drums
Samarth - Bass (Session Musician)

Conflicting Theories is a Grindcore band from Bangalore, formed in 1999. Now, with steady advancements in physicism, including the mass recognition of a prominent feature in existence known as consciousness (as well as the consideration of its source, a unitary particle of energy commonly known amongst theologians as the "soul"), they, the three individuals responsible for the mess known as Conflicting Theories have been re-awakened and cornered into facing not only each other, but themselves. Their record may (or may not) be in the process of having a massive overhaul in frequencies and compression by a secular master, with the intent of capturing it on the ancient format of binary-imprinted foil encrypted betwixt plates of glass, then replicated on cheap plastic facsimiles of their origin. Conflicting Theories are active again after a hiatus of four years.

Demo 'Conflicting Theories' 2001 Track List :

1. Degenerate
2. Vortex of Infinity
3. Shreded Divinity
4. Thought Mutations
5. Strolling Down Auschwitz

Single Track List :

1. Circle of Megalomania  YouTube 
2. From Disillusion to Dissolution
3. Taken By Farce
4. A Finer Version of Ignorance
5. Unman
6. Psychic Corpse
7. Erotic Atrocities  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks 

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