Band Members :
Spencer Pereira - Vocals
Howard Pereira - Guitars / Backing Vocals
Kunal 'Kenny' Kaushal - Guitars
Vishal Lobo - Bass
Clayton 'Aggie' Gonsalves - Drums / Percussion

Depth is a promising Classic Rock / Pure Rock band from Mumbai. Depth is a Hard working simple, no frills hard rock band having a unique asset to their music, they concentrate on a lot of vocal harmonies. Crawling from the deepest recesses of the earth, through the mud and dirt, breaking that bitch called gravity's neck while pushing through the stone and rocks - this is DEPTH. Raw, Dirty, Unmouded, in its purest form of straight up rock music! They believe their music is loud, harmony based, vocally arranged and energy packed.

Single Track List :

1. Can't Let You Go  Mp3 
2. King of Dreams
3. Must Drink
4. Do You Like what You See?
5. Wasted
6. Speed or Die

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