Heavens Down

Band Members :
Malanthow Pamei - Vocals
Manjit Joseph - Guitars / Vocals
Sumit Sharma - Guitars
Pranav Gawri - Bass
Leo - Keyboards
Sudarshan Chetlur - Drums
Former Member :
Aryaman - Drums


1992 to 1994  -  Rattler (Cover band)
1994 to 1996  -  Samaria (Glam Metal band)  
1998 to 2003  -  Ashtoreth (Rock band)
2003 to 2008  -  Night Train (Experimental band)
2008 to 2010(June)  -  Ashtoreth reformed
2010(July) to present  -  Heavens Down (Rock band)

Heavens Down is a Classic Rock band from Delhi, formed in July 2010. Initially the band started out as a cover band in 1992 called 'Rattler' till 1994 where they explored a Glam Rock sound. The band was formerly known as Ashtoreth which came together as a band in 1998. After playing at lots of venues all over the country including GIR IV & V, the band went through a line up change in 2003 and changed their name to 'Night Train'. During the tumultuous period preceding the formation of Night Train, the band experimented with different musical genres and members, seeking to come to terms with its own identity, a process, which was marked with introspection and evolution. A process which required a moving forward while losing none of the unique attributes which had been the hallmark of Ashtoreth and endeared it to fans across the country. The result of the metamorphosis was Night Train, a cohesive outfit with its own distinctive ‘voice’, flair and tone. A true Rock N' Roll and a Hard Rock band, always promising to all the rock lovers to give their full energy in live acts. Whenever they perform they leave the crowd with memorable rock nights in their lives.

EP 'Rock Will Never Die' 2012 Track List :

1. Just Too Much  YouTube 
2. Risky Rascal RnR Star
3. Angel
4. Rock Will Never Die  Live 
5. Falling Down

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