Band Members :
Aditya Mehta - Vocals
Prashant Shah - Guitars
P-Man - Bass
Yash Pathak - Drums

Exhumation is a Brutal Death Metal Band from Mumbai, formed in 2003. A phenomenon that promised to threaten the very basis of what is termed as 'socially acceptable'. A phenomenon borne out of the dark, dreary minds of four unique individuals. A phenomenon we all now know as Exhumation. The guys set out to create the most brutal, extreme music, and bring a much needed dose of searing brutality into the world.

Album 'Among The Dead' 2005 Track List :

1. Among The Dead  Video
2. (Dis) Grace (I Am My God)
3. Nothing But Misery
4. Orphanage Carnage  YouTube
5. Racial Slaughter
6. The Awakening  YouTube 
7. Under The Knife

EP 'For Personal Consumption Only' 2006 Track List :

1. In Sickness And In Health
2. Tandoori Chick  YouTube 
3. On The Platter
4. The House I Built
5. Bloodletting

Album 'Consider This' 2011 Track List :


1. All That Is  YouTube
2. Blood-Drenched Flags  YouTube
3. Black Plague  YouTube
4. Worship Thyself  YouTube
5. Consider This  YouTube 
6. Hell Forbid  YouTube
7. Absolute Power Now  YouTube
8. Alpha Omega  YouTube

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  1. Kickassness. Ty for posting the songs again, was searching for em.