Band Members :
Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy - Vocals
Prashant Shah - Guitars
Akshay Rajpurohit - Guitars
Srinivas Sunderrajan - Bass
Virendra Kaith - Drums

Scribe is a Post-Hardcore band from Mumbai, been active since 2005.The band as built up a reputation for itself as one of the most technically proficient bands of the Indian underground metal scene. The band was nominated at the MTV (EMA) Europe Music Awards 2011 at Belfast in the 'Worldwide' category.

EP 'Have Hard, Will Core' 2006 Track List :

1. Ninety Seconds Is One Minute  Live YouTube  
2. Buddy  YouTube  
3. Bookie Love Song  YouTube  
4. One Wing Pencil  Video YouTube

Album 'Confect' 2008 Track List :

1. Analyze This  Mp3 Live YouTube 
2. Nobody Listens To The Vocalist  Mp3 YouTube 
3. The Kids  Mp3 YouTube 
4. Analyze That  Video Live Mp3 YouTube  
5. Old Nagardas Road  Mp3 YouTube  
6. Ate A Banana  Mp3 Live YouTube  
7. Dr. Salafya And The Tea Parody  Mp3 YouTube  
8. Magpie   Mp3 Live YouTube 
9. Pomari Begattari  Mp3 Live YouTube 
10. Roll To Me (Del Amitri Cover)  Mp3 YouTube  
11. Purshottam's Revenge  Mp3 YouTube 

Album 'Mark of Teja' 2010 Track List :

1. The Seed  YouTube 
2. RSVP  YouTube 
3. I Love You, Pav Bhaji  Live YouTube 
4. Street Archana vs Vice Varsha  YouTube 
5. M-Power  YouTube 
6. Dum Hai Toh Aage Aah!  Video YouTube 
7. Heidi  YouTube 
8. Mark of Teja  YouTube 
9. DemonPra  Live Live YouTube 
10. Kamla's Back  YouTube 
11. 1234 Dracula  Live YouTube 
12. Don't Say  YouTube 
13. Judge Bread  YouTube 
14. M-Pyre  YouTube 

Download The Album
Link 1  Link 2

Album 'Hail Mogambo'2014 Track List :

1. Hail
2. Calendar Khana Lao
3. Cops, Cops (Cops, Cops)
4. Groove Narmada
5. Return of Oberoi
6. Ha Ha! We’re Poor!
7. Tomato Aryabhatta
8. Captain Raj
9. Jugal
10. Myothershirt
11. Black Diamond
12. The Fumanchurian
13. Le Coupe France De Hair

Download The Album
Link 1  Link 2

Single Track List :

1. Love Land Lullaby  Mp3
2. Mastibhari Muskaan  Mp3 Live 
3. Etheria
4. The Vass  Mp3 

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  1. great, thank you :D

  2. What I love about the band is that they release their album for free. Such selfless commendable act. Keep metal alive. Thank you for the tracks!

  3. RIP old Scribe AKA Vishwesh-era Scribe

  4. vishwesh was an arrogant fuck...good he left..ass

  5. hey i need buddy song my humble request. i need it so bad.

  6. Does someone have the MP3 for Etheria?