Band Members :
Anand Raj Singh - Vocals / Lyrics
Shreyash Agarwal - Guitars
Udit Chaudhury - Guitars
Aman Salehjee - Bass / Backing Vocals
Indrodeep Chateerjee- Drums

Paperfly is an Alternative / Rock band from Kolkata, started off as the School band on 2008 and re-formed again in 2010, a more focused and a non school band. Paperfly now wants to bring music within them to the forefront and to the world. Two songs "Power Me Home" and "Hollow Dreams" will be featured on CD, in the album "Groundead Vol. 1" on August 8th 2010. Music washes away, from the soul, the dust of everyday life.

Single Track List :

1. Power Me Home
2. Hollow Dreams
 3. Countless Mistakes
 4. Revolving Crystals
5. Under And Out
6. Murderers

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  1. it is really da band which catches ur soul , through its awesome lyrics nd catchy muzik...it is one of da best upcoming bands in india!

  2. Worst band of kolkata lose street...whu have no sense which intruments also r used in concerts....