Band Members :
Arun - Vocals
Suhas - Guitars
Suraj - Guitars
Karthik - Guitars
Amith - Bass
Sagar - Keyboards
Vivek - Drums

Asthra is a Melodic Progressive Thrash Metal band from Bangalore. 'Asthra', meaning weapon in Sanskrit. Asthra’s songs talk about issues that are our country is incessantly stifled by and the band aims to deliver a message, using their music as their 'Asthra'. The first song, “Tryst with Chaos” opens with Nehru’s speech ‘Tryst with destiny’ and basically talks about how our democracy has been rendered meaningless by the utter chaos in the system. The second own composition, 'Insider Outsider', was written during the Mumbai n Pune riots, when ugly face of regionalism was rearing its head once again amongst us all, thanks to our wonderful politicians. The band now with a stable and talented line up have embarked on their musical journey which is bound to turn heads, win them more fans and the respect of metalheads alike.

Single Track List :

1. Tryst With Chaos
2. Insider Outsider
3. Neo-Slavery
4. Viel of Isis

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