Babu N Friends

Band Member :
Babu Choudhary

Babu N Friends is a Blues / Instrumental Rock band from Mumbai. Babu n Friends comprises of Guitarist Babu Choudhary and his talented bunch of friends like Ranjit Barot, Zubin Balaporia (Indus Creed), Karl Peters, Ehsaan Noorani, Carl Clements, Derick Gomes, Shazneen Arthena, Amit Dutta, Storms, Yvan, Vijay Prakash, Aviv Pereira, Chintu Singh, Ragz, Jarvis, Noel Ramtake, Alan Ramtake, Carl Clemens, Nelson, Roshan Machado, Jolly Jose, Cliffy Pereira and Vijay Benegal to name a few from the long list of talented pool of musicians. Babu Choudhary has been a guitar player, beginning his career, 25 years ago with 'The People'. The album 'Somewhere out There' (Manta Records) released in April 2008, is his first as a musician and producer. All the tracks apart from one, are written and created by Babu. The musicians and sound engineers accompanying him on this album are all his friends, which is how the name Babu N Friends was conceived. Their music is truly international with many styles of music - Pop, Rock, Indian fusion, Jazz, Rock and Roll and the Blues.

Album 'Somewhere Out There' 2008 Track List :

1. Rough
2. Bombay Funk
3. Burst
4. Who's Jazz Is It Anywayz
5. Who Am I
6. Where Did We Go Wrong
7. Beck And Call
8. Zen Tanrik
9. Nu Orlem Blues
10. Outaches
11. Dream Away
12. Where Did We Go Wrong To
13. Prelude (The End)

Album 'The Electric Sky' 2010 Track List :

1. Babu Had A Little Amp
2. No Strings Attached
3. Back To The Start
4. Songs For Shama
5. Sea Minor  Video
6. The Beast
7. Am I Not Innocent
8. Song For Amma
9. Hilly Billy

Album 'Element of Surprise' 2013 Track List :

1. I like It Ruff
2. Shanti (For Amma)
3. Walk
4. Bablues
5. Les Gurugiri
6. Boogie Hill
7. Mr. Preacher

8. Song For Sharma

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