Bevar Sea

Band Members :
Ganesh Krishnaswamy - Vocals
Srikanth Panaman - Guitars
Michael Talreja - Guitars

Avinash Ramchander - Bass
Deepak Raghu - Drums

Bevar Sea is a Stoner-Doom Metal band from Bangalore and was formed in May 2008 and becoming a serious performing and recording act in late 2010. The band plays catchy and elaborate tunes with thick riffs, groovy rhythms, melodic solos and raspy vocals.

Live Demo 'Trendslaughter Session' 2011 Track List :

1. Abhistu  YouTube 
 2. Green Machine (Kyuss Cover)  YouTube 
 3. Mono Gnome  YouTube 
4. Into The Void (Sabbath Cover)  YouTube

Live Demo 'Sessions of Chaos' 2011 Track List : 

1. Universal Sleeper  YouTube 
 2. The Smiler  YouTube 
 3. Dragonaut (Sleep Cover)  YouTube

Album 'Beaver Sea' 2012 Track List :

1. The Smiler  YouTube 
2. Abishtu  YouTube 
3. Universal Sleeper  YouTube 
4. Mono Gnome  YouTube 

Download The Album

Album 'Invoke The Bizarre' 2015 Track List :

1. Bearded And Bizarre  YouTube  
2. Bury Me In NOLA  YouTube 
3. Heathen  YouTube 
4. Where There’s Smoke (There’s A Pyre)  Vimeo YouTube 
5. Sleeping Pool  YouTube 
6. The Grand Alignment  YouTube 

Download The Album
Link 1  Link 2

Single Track List :

1. God's Wounds
2. The Hard Descend
3. Poseidon
4. Dylan The Villain
5. Claws Kinski
6. Astronomy Domine

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Other Link :   Link 1  Link 2

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