Band Members :
Charles Firmaen Rozario - Vocals
Ganesh B. S. - Guitars / Bass
Karthik Jayaprakash – Drums

Gorified is a Gore Death / Grind band from Bangalore, formed in November 2004. They are signed to Sevared Records (USA) in 2005. Currently the band is working on their upcoming 10-track album titled 'Reeking Mass of Festering Remains'.

EP 'Ruptured Within Seconds' 2006 Track List :

1. Autopsy Devourment
2. Obliteration Quandary
3. Gorified
4. Removal of The Foetus
5. Engorged The Disfigured
6. Fetish Necrophilia

Single Track List :

1. Gargling On Gastrointestinal Juices
2. Bizarre Experiment On Gynecrology

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