Band Members :
Charles Firmaen Rozario - Vocals
Ganesh B. S. - Guitars / Bass
Karthik Jayaprakash – Drums

Gorified is a Gore Death / Grind band from Bangalore, formed in November 2004. They are signed to Sevared Records (USA) in 2005

EP 'Ruptured Within Seconds' 2006 Track List :

1. Autopsy Devourment
2. Obliteration Quandary
3. Gorified
4. Removal of The Foetus
5. Engorged The Disfigured
6. Fetish Necrophilia

Album 'Reeking Mass of Festering Remains' 2020 Track List :

1. Autopsy Devourment
2. Bubbly Jism Melting Ovarian Tumours
3. Engorged The Disfigured
4. Vulgar Display of Genital Flatulence
5. Obliteration Quandary
6. Orgasmic Xysma Exploding From Shit Caked Tract
7. Fetish Necrophilia
8. Gargling On Gastrointestinal Juices
9. Ruptured Within Seconds
10. Bizarre Experiment On Gynecrology

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