Hourglass Inversion

Band Members :
Amit Khadikar - Vocals / Guitar
Savio Sebastian - Guitars
Hemant Aligi - Bass
Amit Godse - Drums

Hourglass Inversion (formerly known as Hourglass) is an Alternative Rock band from Pune, formed in 2008. There is no cliched tale about how the band formed instinctively when four guys met. The band was formed painstakingly by bringing together musicians with varied interests, influences and experience but a similar perspective. Right from the start there was a single focus - to define their own sound and expression. And they’ve discovered that when they have something significant to say, its not too hard to express or define.

EP 'Our Time Is Now' 2011 Track List :

1. Someday  Video
2. Scream
3. Mystery
4. Our Time Is Now

Single Track List :

1. Inversion
2. Remember Us
3. Vande Mataram (Rendition)  YouTube 

Click Here To Listen The Tracks

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