Trojan Horse

Band Members :
Siva Sbk - Vocals
Siddhartha Ramanathan - Guitars
Hasnain Abbas - Guitars

Karun Ramani - Bass
Vishnu Reddy - Drums

Trojan Horse is a Metal band from Chennai, formed in November 2010. The band started off as a two man project (Hasnain and Siddhartha of 'Carnage'), using a few drum softwares to 'get the job done' temporarily. Then they got hold of the drumming talent of Vishnu and Brute vocals of Siva Sbk (both being members of an already accomplished band named Crypted).

Single Track List :

1. Phase One
2. Infiltration Achieved
3. Convoluted Entanglement
4. Life In Monochromatic Animation (L.I.M.C.A.)  Live
5. Foliage
6. Nuclear Camel Bomb
7. Opress To Thrill

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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