Wartorn (formerly known as Wartone)

Band Members :
Shivankit Anand - Vocals
Vikram Tandale - Guitars
Saif Shaikh - Guitars
Kartik Mallapur - Bass
Ninad Ingulkar - Drums

Wartorn (formerly known as Wartone) is a Melodic Death Metal band from Pune, formed in January 2010. They had pretty much established their lyrical and musical style which was Melodic Death Metal with War based lyrics. A few line-up changes infused the sound of the band and they finally enhanced the melodic aspect of their sound. In the current stage they focus on mixing certain aspects of Experimental Metal along with Melodic Death Metal in order for the music to be much more dulcet to listen to and yet retain the aspect of complexity. Lyrically they still tend to cover War based topics and a special aspect of their original writings has been that they tend to glorify the valiance of their Armed Forces in their songs in their patriotic fervor (which is understandable considering that they were officially formed on the date 26/01/2010 which happens to be India’s Republic Day). They have been exploring other avenues like Philosophy, Satanism, dark aspects of the human mind, socially satirical themes and pretty much whatever else that appeals them to write about.

Single Track List :

1. Into The Riot
2. The Path We Choose
3. Delirium

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  1. i
    lyk der music since its melodic, i heard dem at symbi for some
    auditions.. the guy who growled had an awesome throat, id say..some ppl
    tend to be inspirations for others.. these guys inspired me.. n i will surely come into d rock scene someday.. till den keep d rock alive!