Band Members :
Subhajit - Vocals
Debanjan - Guitars
Denzil - Guitars
Ayushman - Bass / Vocals
Abhinava - Drums

Purgation (formerly known as 'Flesh Protocol') is a Brutal Death Metal band from Kolkata, formed in late 2010. With a change in their lineup as well as their sound, they decided to pursue all endeavors in the form of aggressive musicality. Their lyrical theme consist of Morbidity, Evil Perceptions, Occultism, Rage, Gruesome acts and Against The System. They are now signed to Slaughterhouse Records, an underground record company based in USA.

EP 'Exterminated Malfeasance' 2013 Track List :

1. Fractured Chaos (Intro)
2. Uncanny Obsession  YouTube   
3. Communal Carnage  YouTube   
4. Immaculate
5. Repugnant Flesh  Mp3 
6. System Impaled  Mp3 YouTube

Single Track List :

1. Rule of Butchery  Mp3 

Click Here To Listen/Download The tracks
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