Shades of Retribution

Band Members :
Biswajit Gogoi - Vocals [The Chromatix, Ex. Devoid of Dreams]
Abhijit Dutta – Guitars
Raktim Baruah – Guitars
Bhaskar Hazarika - Folk Percussion
Angaraag Phookan – Drums

Shades of Retribution is a Death Metal band from Duliajan (Assam), formed in January 2010. Shades of Retribution has an old school base, deriving influences from the Assamese culture and the other regions of North-East India. This being said the lyrics are in Assamese and are in context to the never ending quest for survival in this region. “Idealogies forms the concept of One Tribe and One Sound”, which the band firmly believes. With the recording sessions over in Guwahati at Lucid Recess Studio, the first full-length debut album titled XONGRAM pronounced as 'hongram' that means 'struggle' in English. As the tittle of the album is in Assamese (which is the band’s mother tongue) so is their lyrics, that speaks of all the political insurgencies happening in and around the mother state. While songs like 'Kola Daor' and 'Bhogobanko' questions  the survival of Assamese youths in their own state, other tracks like 'Andulan' and 'Raktapat' speaks against all the terrorism activities that is slowly and steadily pushing the state into ashes.

Album 'Xongram' 2010 Track List :

1. Kola Daor  YouTube 
2. Andulon  Live  
3. Raktapat  YouTube  
4. Tez Loga Maati  Live YouTube
5. Maro Xo 
6. Bikhakto Homaj  Video
7. Xukan Borokhun  YouTube  
8. Bhogoban Kot  Live 

Single Track List :

1. Byortho  YouTube Video 
2. Bibhotso
3. Mohixaxur

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  1. SOR one of the best bands of NE, the debut album's great, first assamese metal album...Vedanta is great..

  2. "mahisaura " great vocals good guitar works and very mature guitar soloing excellent bass. keep up the good work .

  3. Where is sidharth??

  4. sor is a awesome band

  5. Nalage nalage nalage amak ai Andulhoooooon.......

  6. Nalage nalage nalage amak ai Andulhooon........... \m/