The Lightyears Explode

Band Members :
Saurabh Roy - Guitars / Vocals
Shalom Benjamin - Bass
Aaron Carvalho - Drums

The Lightyears Explode is a Garage Punk band from Mumbai, formed in 2009. Since their inception the then “The Lightyears” (named changed due to copyright issues) hit the Mumbai college circuit, strong performances and positive word of mouth eventually resulted in them breaking into the legitimate scene. Their tracks 'The Weapons', She Probably Still Is' and 'Bow Down' is been featured in a series of a compilation album Stupiditties - III, IV and V respectively. Their track 'Garam Dharam' is been featured in a compilation album titled Music Alliance Pact along with other 39 international act.

EP 'The Lightyears Explode' 2011 Track List :

1. She Probably Still Is
2. Masala Punk

3. The Gay Song
4. Pretenses And Other Forms of Fakegiri
5. The Weapon

Album 'The Revenge of Kalicharan' 2013 Track List :

1. Kunj Gutka  YouTube  
2. The Late Night Song  YouTube
3. I Am A Disco Dancer  Live YouTube
4. Diet Coke  Live YouTube
5. Garam Dharam  YouTube
6. The Gay Song  YouTube
7. Bow Down  YouTube
8. The P-Man Explodes  Video YouTube
9. Revenge of Kalicharan  YouTube
10. Good Night  Video YouTube

Download The Album
Single Track List :

1. Drunk Loser ft.Fame  YouTube  

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