Adil & Vasundhara

Band Members :
Adil Manuel - Guitars
Vasundhara Vidalur - Vocals

Adil & Vasundhara is a Jazz Fusion outfit from Delhi, formed in 2009 by Vasundhara Vidalur and Adil Manuel. Their musical spectrum spans Jazz Fusion, Funk, RnB, Blues and Gospel. Extensively working with artists based in India and abroad, their focus has been the creation of new sounds and energies through collaboration, exchange and cross-influence. Their summers are generally spent touring and playing at international music festivals like the F├ęstival Tout Le Monde Chante (TLMC) in Villefranche de Rouergue (France), Festival Corne d’Or in Istanbul (Turkey), Centre Mandapa in Paris (France), Clef d’Or in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) etc. In some of these festivals they have been the first Indian musicians to be invited. With a large bi-lingual repertoire of standards and original compositions, their shows have a mix of songs in French and English. In addition to their collaborations with numerous well known solo artists and bands in Delhi, they have worked with musicians from Turkey, France, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Italy, Argentina, Brunei, Reunion Islands, USA and counting. With their varied influences and an ever-evolving sound the members of Adil & Vasundhara continue to experiment and record extensively.

Album 'Ampersand' 2013 Track List :

1. 15 Nights To Dawn
2. Pinocchio Times
3. Refuge
4. Waking Hours
5. Dog Days
6. Creek Funk
7. One Winged Goose
8. Parentheses
9. Blue Bashing
10. Not Just Another Blues

EP 'Adil & Vasundhara' 2010 Track List :

1. Waking Hours
2. Flowers In Doon
3. Parentheses
4. Sapling
5. Moodys Mood For Love
6. Amazing Grace
7. L Hymne A L Amour

Single Track List :

1. Hymn To Love

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