Amongst Denied

Band Members :
Jinu Varghese - Vocals
Vikramaditya Chavan - Vocals
Akzshat Pande - Guitars
Akshat Vaze - Bass
Arjun Menon - Drums

Amongst Denied is an Experimental Metal band from Pune, formed in mid 2010. The band's music is formulated upon progressive time signatures, melodic grooves and complex guitar and ambient layers. The band's sound and music structure can be very closely associated with that of the djent nature while still maintaining a unique sound and feel of the band.

Album 'Elevate' 2015 Track List :

1. Voices (Mind Over Matter)
2. Memesis (Me My Nemesis)
3. Nautilus For A Nemo
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4. Dhinchak
5. The Tunnl Projkt
6. Paperfist
7. Soulshift
8. Presshold
9. Rosie Is As Rosy Does

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Single Track List :

1. Echoes of Death
2. Sanctuary Defiled
3. Pandora's End

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