Band Members :
Vivek Bhatt - Vocals
Naval Katoch - Guitars
Anubhav Rattan - Bass
Raghu Raj - Drums

Asylum is a Groove Metal band from Mumbai, formed in late March 2010. The band was the brainchild of Raghu Raj and Anubhav Rattan, who had similar interests in the field of music. They have one aim as a band – to keep their fans and themselves happy with the music they belt out. Each band member of Asylum has unique tastes in music, and that helps them in making music that is slightly different from others. 

EP 'Inmate' 2014 Track List :

1. Towards The Zero  YouTube 
2. Groove, Trip, Fall
3. Agitate The Origin
4. Way He Lived/Escape To Bliss
  5. The Devilish Lizard

Stream The Album

Single Track List :

1. Mass Society Theory  Mp3 
2. Asylum of Reality
3. I'm Your God

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