Blood Brothers (Guwahati)

Band Members :
Pratiek Talukdar - Guitars / Bass / Vocals
Rishav Kakati - Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards

Blood Brothers is an Acoustic / Soft Rock band from Guwahati, formed in 2011 by Pratiek and Rishav. The idea behind is to create just a group, a group of friends having some fun and trying to make some music. Later joined by Angshuman and Debutpal. Angshuman was left out in by mutual consent. These friends are still in their schooling years sharing a passion and influnce for old, claasical rock, folk and metal music. These guys are out to determine how capable they themselves are as musicians. The music produced is not serious and definitely not on an professional level or basis. The song writings are generally about past experiences, love, everyday life and such, all part of their chaotic teenage life. The group firmly believe in creating MUSIC COUPLED WITH FUN!   

Single Track List :

1. 3 Lonely Guitars
2. Another View
3. My Song
4. Borrowed Verses

Click Here To Listen/Download The Tracks

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