Band Members :
Imon Nirvan - Vocals
Amit Debnath - Guitars
Siddharth Chakraborty - Guitars

Aamir Rizvi - Bass
Amarjeet Karam - Drums

Cheisrah is a Metalcore band from Bangalore, formed in May 2011. They meet each other during the winters of 2010-2011 with same taste of the music and love for it, so this is how the get started. The word "Cheisrah" is the name of an evil character in traditional Manipuri (Meitei) Folklore. Music wise, they try to experiment with their sound, maybe for the love of new/progressive/experimental music or just plain fun. They try to mix the sound of different sub-genres of metal which they like in their songs. They released their debut EP "OMG! She's Here!" which has been recorded at 'Basement Tapes Studio'.

EP 'OMG! She's Here!' 2011 Tracklist :

2. Buried Between The Lies
3. When Shadows Left Apart

Album 'Deafbreed' 2013 Track List :

1. Fuhface
2. Skinned
3. Juliet Must Die
4. We Hate Metronome
5. Home
6. Deafbreed
7. Ruins of a Grey Nation
8. Unscarred
9. Bury The Bastards
10. No More Tolerance  Video 

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Single Track List :

1. To The Subliminal  Mp3
2. The Unnamed
3. Muddy Daddy  Video 

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  1. awesum work guyz..fell in love wid oll 3 songs..

  2. you guys are awsm,
    keep it metal & stay Brutal \,,/