Band Members :
Jesia Thianglai - Vocals
Joyring Thaosen - Guitars
James Hagjer - Guitars
Dany Ravi - Bass
Nirupam Dutta - Drums

Sunny Mahanta - Keyboards

Exalt is a Metal band from Haflong (Assam), formed in 2010. Each of the members belonging from the small hill-town Haflong, it didn't take long for them to realize that Exalt was not just a passion for them. Switching between studies & music from time to time, Exalt is always busy composing originals & evolve out as a tight band all together.

EP 'The Escape' 2014 Track List :

1. Juvenile
2. Exaltation ft.Arenlong Longkumar
3. Change Pt.II  YouTube
4. Chokelady ft.Anubhav Langthasa
5. Dead Man's Walk
6. Kill With Me (Bonus Track)  Live YouTube 

Full Album Stream

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