Band Members :
Sonal Chittiappa - Vocals
Arun Ranganatha - Guitars
Vishwas Raghu - Guitars
Vinod Manikantan - Bass
Mahesh - Drums / Percussion

Hungry is an Alternative Rock band from Bangalore. Percussive vocals coupled with a strong foundation of intricate bass work and funk riffs, all this driven by a high energy backdrop of the drums is how they 'Hungry' define their sound. The band has varied influences ranging from classic rock to funk, from alternative to grunge. 'hungry' prides itself for being an out and out fun stage act.

Single Track List :

1. Shining High
2. Keep Your Towel On
3. Hungry
4. Love Is The Drug
5. Prayer
6. Gargle Spit Rinse Repeat
7. Jungle Funk
8. Electric Love  YouTube 

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