Band Members :
Tejas Shankar - Vocals
Geeth Vaz - Guitars

Edward Rasquinha - Guitars
Vinyl Kumar - Drums

Lagori is a Folk / Fusion Rock band from Bangalore. The band consist a group of musicians with varied musical influences, who have come together to dish out foot tapping, soul stirring music. Lagori makes Indian music with a  twist, melodic and intense and at the same time fun and energetic. Although Lagori draws influences from the flavour of each musician - ranging from Hindustani, Soul, Funk, Rock, Blues and Metal, the end result is a unique sound which at the same time has a tinge of familiarity to it. While the band uses Hindi to communicate their inspirations and message, the music is something that everyone - despite lingual differences - will understand.

Album 'Lagori' 2013 Track List :

1. Boom Shankar  Video Live
2. River Song  Live YouTube 
3. Saiyyan  Live YouTube 
4. Jeene Do  Live Live
5. Darbari  Live YouTube 
6. Aasma   YouTube 
7. Kashmir Song  YouTube 
8. Ni Re Sa  Live

Download The Album

Single Track List :

1. Beneath The Sunrise
2. Hadimba  Mp3 Live 
3. Maari Kannu  Video 

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