Mad Orange Fireworks

Band Members :
Michael Dias - Vocals / Guitars
Ramanan Chandramouli - Guitars
Kaushik Kumar - Bass / Vocals
Dharvish P.K - Drums
Samuel Amulraj - Sound Engineer
Viona Harris - Manager

Mad Orange Fireworks is a Rock band from Bangalore, formed in April 2011. The band was put together as a desperate act of survival by singer/songwriter Michael Dias. The sound of the band doesn't exactly fall under a particular genre of music and hence they call it 'Orange Rock'. 

Album 'Lifeline Cast' 2013 Track List :

1. Feet Ain't Moving
2. On The Edge
3. Black Hole  Live Live 
4. Empty Saturday
5. Break My Fall  Live
6. Confusing State  Live
7. Green Fever
8. Don't Step On Me
9. School Boy
10. Give It Back

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Album 'Under The Orange Sky' 2017 Track List :

1. On The Ledge (Ver 2.0)
2. Under The Orange Sky
3. Corporate Bum
4. Mad World  Live
5. Shaking My Ground  Video Live  
6. Your Eyes  Live 
7. Get Lost  Live 
8. Stuck In Between  Live
9. Nothing Left To Mend  Live 

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Single Track List :

1. Funny Feeling  Live 
2. Take A Chance
3. Driven To Tears  Live

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