Perforated Limb

Band Members :
Rajeev Krishnaswamy - Vocals
Sreenivas Lalge - Guitars

Perforated Limb is a Brutal Death Metal band from Bangalore, formed in January 2007. The band debuted at Undergrind 2007, where they played all their original setlist. The band played its comeback show at 'Undergrind 2012' sharing the stage with the well acclaimed Singaporean Grindlords 'Wormrot'.

Album 'Genocide of The Righteous' 2016 Track List :

1. Intro
2. Genocide of The Righteous
3. One Hundred Days of Slaughter
4. En Proie à la Bubonique
5. The Last Fence at Perm 36
6. S-21 Portraits
7. The Final Cleansing
8. Outro

Download The Album
Link 1  Link 2

Single Track List :

1. Deranged Art of Sodomy
2. Conspicuous Sores
3. Confessions of A Deformed Slut

4. Of Human Concoctions
5. Maggots In Your Flesh (Dead Infection Tribute)
6. Poisoned On Fetal Rectal Discharge

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