Samiran Sonowal

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Samiran Sonowal

Samiran Sonowal is a Pop Rock / Alternative Rock artist from Surat (Gujarat), basically from Assam. He is a solo artist who loves collaborating with other artists. He also produces local bands, and makes jingles and music for short films / documentaries / promo. He is basically a guitarist, more known as a studio guitarist, but he does pretty much everything in his songs, that includes guitars, bass, drum programming, mixing & mastering, etc. Samiran's songs are mainly based on teenage love & lust, friendship and life. He tries to speak about how our life is beautiful, about the hardships we face which makes us live this life, about incidents which are unforgettable, about today's generation, their different lifestyle, and much more.

EP 'This Is Life' 2011 Track List :

1. I Love You
2. You'll Be Missed
3. Goodbye  YouTube 
4. More than A Friend
5. You'll Be Missed (Acoustic Version)

Album 'This Is Our Story' 2012 Track List :

1. My Sojourn In Her Arms (ft. Angsuman Hazarika & Aminesh Rathod)
2. Goodbye (ft. Arghadeep Barua)

3. Broken
4. Falling Again (ft. Angsuman Hazarika)
5. You Are You
6. All About You (ft. Arghadeep Barua)
7. I Love You (ft. Abhijit Singha)

Single Track List :

1. Fascicle
2. The Chill Song
3. The Casualty of An Easy Life
4. Our Surat

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